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About Max Davis

Business has evolved. Technology has evolved. So has Max Davis.

We’ve kept pace with our customers’ changing needs, from the IBM Selectric typewriter, to copiers and fax machines, all the way to today’s far more complex systems. We still provide businesses with the latest technology in office efficiency. But, now, people like you rely on us for multifunction printers, computers, electronic storage, custom web applications and more—all integrated for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Not to mention a host of related services to keep you current, up and running, and competitive.

Still the same old, reliable Max Davis.

Max Davis is now made of several affiliates and strategic partnerships, in 15 locations, covering three states. But, one thing has stayed the same through all the years:
Our promise to do whatever it takes to serve our customers. As they commit resources to the intimidating process of updating and integrating office systems, they find confidence in our ability to guide them through the process. They count on us to provide the best in products, expert technical services, and responsive service.

They still trust Max Davis to never let them down.

Max Davis. Count on it.

Phone: 800.755.3255 or E-mail