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Get color for the price of monochrome!
Color By Choice.

Get Color By Choice from Max Davis. Now, you can purchase a full-color office system for the same price as a boring black-and-white printer, like the one you’ve been using for so long.

Color changes everything. More professional-looking presentations, more effective reports, proposals and business letters—even full-color newsletters and flyers. Not to mention the convenience and cost-savings of printing those important color projects in-house.

Our commitment to providing reasonably priced color solutions to your workplace makes it all possible. And with Color By Choice, you’ll get the same speed as with black-and-white—full-color at more than 60 pages per minute.

Choose color. Questions, need help, call 800.755.3255 or email us to find out more.

Color By Choice from Max Davis. Count on it.


Go ahead you deserve color!

Phone: 800.755.3255 or E-mail